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Working towards being Caring, Equitable and Just

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We strive to be more #justainable in the way we work!

We strive to be more #justainable in the way we work. FES Johannesburg is one of the global pilot projects defining and practicing FES’s sustainability strategy. We switched to solar power on our Johannesburg campus and started moving towards electric mobility. We’ve also reduced the use of plastic and harvest rainwater, but to us, sustainability is more than just going green. We are working towards living up to our values and being caring, equitable and just. This means practicing feminism in our organisation as well as in our projects and activities.

We have set minimum feminist standards for our work and we have zero tolerance for any forms of discrimination and violence. We have implemented an Anti-Sexual Harassment policy and we make provisions for child care during events when necessary. We reduce barriers to participation. We are effectuating social and ecological criteria for service providers in tender processes. Furthermore, we’ve introduced a Mental Health and Wellness policy, a flexible home office policy and we’re striving to manage employees’ workload. We are working towards a conducive feedback culture and systematic staff development. As an organisation, we also critically discuss our role and relations from a decoloniality perspective. 

Becoming more #justainable remains a constant challenge for us as a team, and for it to be a success, it requires honest reflection and a willingness to explore beyond the norm. We therefore value the exchange of experiences with those who are on a similar journey – be in touch!

Our key message:

At FES Jo’burg we switched to solar power, are moving to electric mobility, reduced the use of plastic and we’re harvesting rainwater. Yet to us, sustainability is more than going green. We are working towards being a caring, equitable and just – in short: more feminist – organisation.

At FES, #Justainability means practicing feminism– e.g. feminist minimum standards for our activities, an Anti-Sexual Harassment policy, provisions for child care & reduced barriers to participation. As a workplace, it also means caring for mental wellness, staff development and a feedback culture. 


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