Climate change strategy paper for trade unions in Africa

The ITUC-Africa strategy document on climate change has evolved from the co-operation between the FES Trade Union Competence Centre for sub-Saharan Africa (TUCC), ITUC-Africa and the African Labour Research Network (ALRN).

The three organisations saw the need for a joint project aiming at the improvement of capacity within Trade Unions in dealing with the issue of climate change and environmental injustices. The climate change strategy paper outlines a number of areas in which Trade Unions would need to make interventions as part of generating capacity. These include interventions in the area of information gathering and exchange, educational programmes, formulation of policies, establishment of relevant portfolios, etc. The strategy paper should therefore lay the basis for more discussion and work around ways in which the issue of climate change and the economic structures that have historically evolved in Africa may be appropriately addressed by Trade Unions.

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